Månad: november 2019

Assad Om Baghdadi & ISIS

“Baghdadi will be recreated under a different name, a different individual, or ISIS in its entirety might be reproduced as needed under a different name but with the same thought and the same purpose. The director of the whole scenario is the same, the Americans,” the Syrian President said. RT.COM ‘Americans will RESPAWN al-Baghdadi’: Assad […]

Rapporterad Militärt Uppdateringsbehov

More units and modern equipment are needed to keep up with high standards, the report says SPUTNIKNEWS.COM 'Ill-Equipped' US Military Unprepared For Two-Front War - Report According to the Heritage Foundation's annual report card on US military readiness, the armed forces just barely got a passing grade. The conservative think tank wants more units, and […]

Assad & Korruption

”Journalist: And the solution also lies in fighting corruption. [...] President Assad: That is true, [...] Where did we start? We started with the military establishment. No state starts accountability at the heart of the military establishment during a war; this institution is sacred. However, because it is sacred especially during the war, and because […]


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