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‘Lightweight’ Biden officials lack gravitas to negotiate with Russia – analyst
Which White House official has the clout to go toe to toe with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov?
“That's a trick question. Nobody.”
So says Serbian-American journalist Nebojsa Malic, who joined Sputnik’s The Final Countdown program to discuss how the Biden administration’s diplomatic deficit prevents Washington from dialing down tensions with one of the world’s foremost military powers.
“The West is playing poker and the Russians are not playing games,” said the veteran columnist, who claimed the United States has consistently provoked Moscow. “The Ukrainians are losing badly on the operational and tactical level [and] the strategic level, arguably, as well,” he added, claiming that talk of Ukraine firing US weapons into Russia is intended “to present to their own population that they're doing something.”
As Russia has consolidated their gains on the battlefield and pushed north towards Kharkov, Western media has begun to acknowledge the Kiev regime’s dire straits. With Ukrainian victory now more unlikely than ever, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reiterated that he is open to negotiating peace. But Moscow prefers to negotiate with “the people who make the decisions,” noted Malic, who reside not in Kiev, but in Washington.
“Do you see a scenario where [US Secretary of State] Antony Blinken and Sergey Lavrov sit down and have tea together?” asked host Angie Wong.
“Simply put, no. I don't think Lavrov wants to negotiate with somebody who's such a lightweight,” said Malic, apparently unimpressed with Blinken’s guitar playing abilities.

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