Franskt Om Att Nato Drar In EU I WWIII

NATO dragging EU into WWIII, it is no longer defensive alliance - French politician
NATO is dragging the European Union into World War III with statements about strikes on Russian territory and is no longer a "defensive alliance," Florian Philippot, the leader of French Eurosceptic party The Patriots and a candidate for the European Parliament elections, said on social media.
"NATO's statements are an insane dash toward World War III against Russia. Every word is extremely serious and fraught with consequences. NATO has officially abandoned its position as a 'defense alliance' — already disproved in practice — it is declaring war!" Philippot said on X.
The politician has called on Paris to withdraw from the alliance.
"Wishing to stay in NATO is to agree that France will be dragged into World War III indefinitely, that the blood of its children will be spilled for the interests of NATO, the EU, [French President Emmanuel] Macron and the senseless corruption of this entire clique," Philippot added, saying: "let's stop this madness, let's stand up for peace, no more euros or weapons to Ukraine!"
On Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine’s right to self-defense includes the right to strike legitimate military targets outside the country. Stoltenberg also confirmed that he favors lifting restrictions on the use of Western weapons on "legitimate targets" on the territory of Russia. At the same time, he said that NATO remains committed to avoiding direct confrontation with Russia. The opinion of EU leaders on the issue is divided.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the NATO chief's statement as "provocative," adding that Russia's possible response to attacks on its territory is known only to the president and the top military officials, who will be taking appropriate countermeasures.

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