Zakharova Om Det Svenska Natopriset

Med lite tur så kan väl Underlivsporslinet dra in förvaltningsassistansen i landet och nästan ställa till krig och Donald Trump senare ta bort den efter väl förrättat värv...

"Swedes beginning to realize NATO membership comes at a price
Sweden has started to realize that something is wrong with the nation's NATO membership, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has noted on her Telegram account.
The Nordic country officially became the 32nd member of NATO on March 7, abandoning its long-held neutrality. Despite Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson lauding the accession as a way of ensuring Sweden's security, the nation's journalists, former officials and peace activists think otherwise.
"It looks as if Sweden was at war with the US and lost," veteran investigative journalist Jan Guillou wrote for Swedish daily Aftonbladet. "There, American supremacy is introduced in Sweden."
"Militarily, Sweden becomes a vassal to the US," echoed Sven Hirdman, former state secretary to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassador to Russia, in his op-ed for Dagens Arena.
"It is striking how quickly and, I would argue, with how little forethought, this reversal took place. The NATO decision was taken in a couple of weeks in the spring of 2022."
"NATO membership is a risky, costly misprioritization that contributes to increased military rearmament, normalization of nuclear weapons and increased tensions at a time when we need the opposite," highlighted the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, a nonprofit dedicated to peace, disarmament and democratization.
What's worse, as a result of the new agreements with NATO and the US, Sweden may be drawn into the alliance's completely devastating war with Russia, Swedish commentators warn."

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