Skuldror II


Upper Back Strengthening Variations👇
💪 Demonstrated here are some of our favorite upper back and shoulder strengthening exercises to improve our shoulder control and strength!! Below is the order of videos ⤵
1⃣ Shoulder Rotations
2⃣ Snow Angels
3⃣ High Rows
4⃣ Prone Ts
5⃣ Shoulder Lawnmover
🔥 The targeted muscles include the posterior deltoids, the traps, the rotator cuff muscles, and a little help from the rhomboids and teres major. What makes one exercise different than the other!? Body position, arm position, and the overall goal of each exercise. With the elbows at shoulder height, any horizontal pulling motion is going to recruit the traps more (especially with an emphasis on shoulder blade movement). To truly recruit the trap muscles, we need to be sure we are initiating a row-type movement with the shoulder blades so we don't just "arm" the movement. This means beginning the movement at the shoulder blade before moving the rest of the arm. In terms of body position, it depends if you’re using resistance or if you are moving your body against gravity or not. For instance, the shoulder rotations don’t have any resistance but do not doubt the difficulty of this exercise! Don't believe us? Give em a try!

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