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I am very proud to be British. But over the years, my research has revealed that we have TRAITORS in our midst. I was brought up thinking that the Royal Family were quintessentially British and that they loved all British people.
Unfortunately, I have come to realise that nearly every government minister, nearly every barrister, diplomat and chief of Defence Staff has been hand-picked for their loyalty to the Royal Family - NOT to the British people.
In 2009, I was one of the first journalists to publish the official NAZI documents which listed the two-hundred aristocrats, Princes, Dukes and Princesses who had joined the NAZI Party of Germany.
This shocking revelation revealed that the British Royal Family were not really ‘British’ at all - they came from Germany - and not only had many of them joined the NAZI Party, but they hand FUNDED and FINANCED the Second World War.
It took several more years of research to reveal that the First World War was also stage-managed and triggered by ‘British’ members of the Royal Family.
The 100 millions of crushed, stabbed, raped, tortured, starved and blasted bodies which littered Europe between 1914 and 1945 were very much caused by a secret plan - a plan hatched in the Royal Palaces and Stately Homes of England, and in Bavaria - by Royal Families who had no shame, no honour and no empathy for the common Working Classes.
This plan was designed to bomb, gas and obliterate huge areas of cities in Europe where Working Class families lived - and replace these bombed wastelands with a Concrete Tower Block New World Order and a European SuperState which would amass the collective foreign currencies and overseas colonies of all the European ancient nations and bring them to heel under the banner of a ‘Common Market’.
“My husband is planning an accident in my car. Brake failure... Serious head injury...” Proof that the British Royal Family have stabbed and slashed their way to power is not hard to come by. But they are responsible for more than just individual murders. Some of them financed the Third Reich.
Piccadilly. Heath referred to these railings as the ‘Meat Rack’.
It was Heath who master-minded a complex set of lies which were trumpeted by the BBC - that we would all be better off joining the ‘Common Market’. The idea of the European Economic Community - the EEC - was supported by Buckingham Palace who read out one treaty after another after another at subsequent Openings of Parliament, and this has led us down a path of almost losing our Britishness and ancient identity as the Kingdom of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.
Yes, I am proud to be British, however, what I am NOT proud of, is that my grand parents had to suffer the indignity of WAR and were forced to fight tooth and nail to hang onto their homes and property in two world wars which were artificially created.
One of the chief architects of this plan was Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, who was a member of the Equestrian SS - an elite society of black-booted thugs.
Another architect was the child rapist and pedophile, Sir Teddy Heath, who employed my grandmother, and through her I learned that this man was a sexual predator of young boys who used to be picked up from the railings outside the Wimpy burger bar in order to amalgamate a new ‘European Kingdom’ which is secretly ruled from behind the scenes by Buckingham Palace...

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