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It is Thursday. It is safe to say that a lot of things are happening right now. Some of the coming drama may seem a bit unpleasant, strange even.

In 2009 a 4000 tonne timber cargo ship disappeared between the islands Öland and Gotland (Baltic Sea) for a while. It was said to have been hijacked by pirates. It turned out to have been black inflatable boats marked ”Polis” (Police) that boarded this ship, and then the transponder system disappeared with all it’s functions, and she didn’t show up until she had basically already passed through the Strait of Dover. This all sounds very strange for stealing timber, everyone thinks so of course, and it’s no less strange that pretty much the whole Baltic Fleet plus units from the Mediterranean went out to chase this timber cargo ship. It’s easy to imagine that the cost of this hunting operation way exceeds what could reasonably be won by catching these thieves and bandits on the boat. After all they would still have to unload the timber. In other words; it doesn’t seem very likely it was a question of the timber. The fact that the Russians sent down aeroplanes with measuring equipment etc. to make a quick inspection down there and later on transported her back home to basically lock her up for good - it has it’s logical reasons. It’s not feasible it was only about the timber cargo, it was something else. In the NY Times it was said to be a question of a number of S-300 missiles. These, then, must show up sooner or later.

Thus it is clearly a possible eventuality they will show up at some point. And the military exercise in which Sweden will now take part is called Aurora 17, and as many people know there was a cruiser named Aurora at the Russian revolution firing a shot that led to all this, and that this year is 1917 - one hundred years later, is also something people usually know about in our society.

So, one could imagine these missiles will be used to stage something, a false flag event of some kind, and since the isotope type of these weapons, if they are nuclear weapons which they probably could be, then it will naturally point to Russia. And of course we are not saying this IS the case or that it WILL happen - but it is an eventuality that makes the only thing we can do to protect ourselves against things like these to occur is to share this type of information. Because if we are enough people who know about this it will only be embarrassing if they carry through with it, and then they will lose all the opinion shaping effect, if it’s already out there. Then they will have it in their own lap so to speak.

The Russians on the other hand will lose against the Deep State if they intervene beforehand. As far as they’re concerned it is better to have papers on it not being them to start with - and when it occurs, it will backfire at the Deep State in Sweden.

The Deep State in Sweden is, to say the least, deeply involved in the global Deep State. The Deep State in Sweden controls pretty much the whole global telecom infrastructure, that is the nerves or heart of the intelligence agencies collective. Through this the Swedish Deep State has an enormous influence. The fact that the Swedish Deep State additionally controls the global banking regulations (BIS) does not exactly make the influence less significant. No, it’s about as f-d up as it could be.

When it comes to the situation in the Middle East it is practically peace in Syria according to the Russian defence minister Shoygu and the situation in Egypt will become such that Egypt will more and more openly join Russia, Iran, Turkey and so on.
Regarding Afghanistan it’s obviously all about narcotics, and the whole game in that regard is about having to shut down the drug manufacturing and it’s so to say logistics, or supply chains and transit functions that exist for the transport and supplying of these drugs. For example on Cuba, that is a transit compound for narcotics. It is, as most people have understood by now, the Deep State who is behind this narcotics trade and it has been going on ever since the founding of HSBC and even further back, that is since the days of the old East Indian Companies.

These are deeply rooted systems, and so Donald Trump has to reinforce in Afghanistan to be able to fight these types of activities. You cannot start setting fire to opium fields and other things because the first thing that will happen then is that the Deep State in the US will tell the Deep State in Afghanistan what the regular forces are doing, and there it will be trouble, when they are always at an information disadvantage since the regular side of the US has no idea what the Deep State side is up to.

In the US the domestic political situation is such that the Deep State is about to go down in a whole number of respects, and everything that has been going on in connection with Hillary Clinton is about to be exposed. This will have consequences, that one will be able to sue that side in that part and this will create a new momentum for those who are fighting the Deep State. All of this has to be played out in the right order, you don’t play your trump cards, or Trump, at the wrong moment. One has to assure the opinion shaping effect of the cards, that is through reflexive control.

And even more important is as usual to share these types of clips, simply for the reason that the opinion shaping force, that is the opinion shaping media controlled by owner directives will not help out in telling how things really are in reality. Their mission is to preserve the system, and we see now how old trolls are crawling out of their dens, and we just have to expose them to the light of reality and they will burst. There is no other way. We have nothing to be afraid of in this because we can stand the light, just like Donald Trump showed by watching the solar eclipse, that’s the way it is. We can handle the light of reality - the Deep State side cannot.

To the more humorous parts belongs Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest statement about Israel now having defeated ISIS and therefor Iran must leave Syria. Well, after having seen ISIS as a strategic resource, we must acknowledge this was probably the quickest change of tune by this notorious lier so far. Of course we think this is almost amusingly pathetic but it is rather tragicomic that the people of Israel has not handled this question in a more forceful way. They are responsible for their own leadership and the situation they are in, and if they don’t take action to get rid of this kind of cancer growth, they will have to pay the price for their own wisdom in the form of suffering.

And as said before; pass on this type of information to others because it’s important - and prevention is better than cure, that’s the way it is. Share.

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