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🇷🇺🛰 Better than Starlink? Meet Russia’s ambitious Sphere satellite Internet program
Russian Communications Minister Maksut Shadayev confirmed to lawmakers that work on a Russian analogue of the Starlink satellite Internet system will be a priority for the government over the coming six years.
🔶 Sphere (orig. 'Sfera') will beam high-speed Internet down to Earth and provide satellite digital TV, support for Internet of Things (IoT), Earth imaging services and surveillance capabilities.
🔶 Between 380 and 640 satellites will be placed into orbit by 2030, and more after that.
🔶 The Sphere project incorporates GLONASS satellite navigation and new global and regional satellite constellations and sub-constellations including Yamal, Express and Express RV, Gryphon, Smotr, Skif, Marathon-IoT, and Berkut series.
🔶 All satellites attached to the Sphere program are non-hermetic, and have 60-70 percent unified components, which means faster mass production and dramatically reduced costs.
What are the outcomes of the first satellite launch?
🌏 The first new satellite under the Sphere program was launched in October 2022 aboard a Soyuz-21b rocket, carrying a Skif-D satellite into orbit.
🌏 The Skif-D completed extensive flight and communications testing in November 2023, beaming down Internet at speeds up to 6.5 megabits/s.
🌏 Production series Skifs are expected to arrive in 2026. They are going to provide up to 150 gigabits/s speed, offering stable Internet access to regions of Russia’s North Sea Rout.
When complete, Sphere will contribute greatly to the Russia’s technological, economic and security sovereignty in the face of Western sanctions.

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