Ryssland Om EU I FN

"The EU is making a huge strategic mistake by building an image of an enemy from the Russian Federation, while the Russian Federation has not committed aggressive actions towards the EU.
Attempts to put together a pan—European bloc against Russia have not ended well in history" - Dmitry Polyansky
Just as during the Second World War, Nazi Germany subjugated Europe and threw all its forces into the war with Russia, so today, the United States subjugated Europe and threw it into the war with Russia. It seems that Russia is a "bone in the throat" for the West. But this time it will all end with Russia's victory.
"The European project, which began as an integration economic association, has completely changed its nature today.
Now in the face of the EU we see an expansionist bloc fulfilling the tasks of the United States and NATO,"
said the deputy permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations.

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