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Ukrainian punitive forces were taken captive during an attempt to break into the airport. Poroshenko’s adviser Birukov attempted to justify yet one more failure. However the problem is that the adviser either did not know or conceived the fact that Oleg Mikats was among the captured soldiers – he is the commander of 93rd UAF brigade, who took part in the famous meeting between Motorolla and Kupol. I hope that everybody understands that brigade commanders to not lead “several dozens of soldiers” in an attack, as Biriukov told us (according to the personnel list an UAF brigade consists of almost 3000 people). Isn’t it clear? If not, then what kind of advice can he give to Poroshenko? And what is the brigade commander worth if he has driven his people directly into captivity?
This is a real catastrophy – the commander of one of the best and one of the most patriotically conscious brigades has been captured. He was advertised as one of the Right Sector faces (see the attached photo). One can only imagine how much he knows!
In reality things are much simpler and sadder for the punitive forces – they were attacking with tanks, attacking for real. However everything has failed again. Everything has failed drastically – a BRIGADE COMMANDER fell captive – the commander of one of the 11 brigades UAF has. So if he decided to personally lead the people it only means that the brigade’s moral is almost at zero level, because none of the platoon, company or battalion commanders led the people.
Colonel and brigade commander Mikats was among the top ten (No. 3) in the Right Sector party election list during the parliamentary elections in fall of 2014.
General information: Mikats Oleg Mikhailovich (born on 23rd October 1975, Novograd Volynsky, USSR) – a Ukrainian punitive forces member, Ukrainian Armed Forces colonel, commander of the 93rd non-divisional mechanized brigade. Donbass war participant. Became known as one of the people, who directed the attack Donetsk airport.
Givi received the Ukrainian Nazis and looked into the eyes of their commander asking him several emotional questions. Motorolla, whose death has been reported several times simply asked: “Why did you lead your people for the slaughter?”
Archive – the brigade commander threatens the journalists with execution.
“It is the first time in my life, when I felt really ashamed for a Ukrainian military person. 93rd brigade commander, Oleg Mikats publically threatened me and a foreign media colleagues with physical execution. In front of dozens of witnesses he said that if he sees us once again (this was addressed to all the journalists) in the town of Peski – he will personally execute us,” – a Ukrainian media journalist Trubachev wrote
Now he can be ashamed for the second time.
P.S. The Antikvar forum denies that the brigade commander has been captured. Anyway, we will see soon

Украинские каратели при попытке прорваться в аэропорт попали в плен ( Аэропорт ваш - шлите подкрепления ). Это очередное поражение попытался оправдать советник…

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